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Be Mine

Last night as I was helping my kids make their valentines for their classmates, I couldn’t help thinking of when I was their age doing the same thing. After making the cards, I would sort out the heart candies by the two-word messages and labor over what candy would go into each envelope. I couldn’t give Cory Lindholm a candy saying, “BE MINE” nor could I…

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Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

I am a pimp. Not in the traditional sense, but I am a pimp. The majority of my job is trying to pimp our company and games to anyone willing (or unwilling) to give the time of day by every possible means. Spending each day writing emails, posting on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, making cold calls, participating in press calls, responding to forums… it never ends.…

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Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde and Social Media

I have never understood social media. As the only male in a family of volatile women social media was the gasoline to their pile of smoldering unresolved issues. Growing up with more of a bury it rather than deal with it approach, social media provided the passive aggressive vehicle needed to exchange character flaws and “constructive criticism” with each other (and the world). From my perspective…

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