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The Heater Bs and Love Hate Relationships

Being new to blogging I was wondering about the word blog. And trying to think of what the letter B in blog stands for…biographer? bemoan? bitch? Anyway, not sure where I was going with that but there are a few frustrations I as a developer need to share about the app store.

The app store transports me back to the middle of the high school cafeteria with my circle of insecure buddies surveying the gaggle of untouchable hot girls we affectionately called the “Heater B’s”. The name driven mainly due to them congregating at the wall heaters and also because a few had names that started with the letter B. But truth be told, their names weren’t the only reason. We had known most of them since junior high and while there was a time when they may have found most of us interesting and in some cases even attractive, the Adam Smith invisible hand of high school social hierarchy had since made its market corrections and now we were essentially ghosts.

On most mornings, after discussing current events such as the cafeteria lunch special and Monica Smith’s neon jacket the subject would find its way to the Heater B’s. The conversion, always superficial and usually negative was driven by upperclassmen jealousy and the misalignment of our expectations with reality. Everything went their way and they were an easy target because of it. We really hated them. Hated them until they gave us any attention. In the rare occurrences when they acknowledged me amongst my peers, I could literally feel myself get taller as the social totem pole made a brief recalibration. God, I loved them.

Fast forward 20 years where our company’s self-worth is now determined by the Heater Bs in the form of an app store that controls how easy (or impossible) it is for our customers to find and download our games. Girls with perfect smiles dating older guys have been replaced with a flashy app attracted to more established and interesting games. Upperclassmen comparisons have been replaced with games. Ghosted in the form of unanswered emails, our always superficial and usually negative conversations include phrases like “What do they have that we don’t?” and “We are better than them”. We really hate the app store. Hate it until we are given a sliver of attention. God, we love the app store.

As before, our expectations and reality are not aligned. What I need to remind myself is the Heater Bs really weren’t bad, they just symbolized what we didn’t have and we were shallow enough to blame them for our own shortcomings. In reality, they helped us push ourselves to be better and in the end many of us ended up dating them (some more than others). The app store is a frustrating often nonsensical world, but because of it we push ourselves to make our games better. Eventually we will conquer the app store and hopefully unlike in Tommy Nelson’s case, it won’t be in the form of 18 years of child support payments.

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  1. Hello. Just to let you know that you now have a 6th blog reader. I found this interesting. I don’t use the ap store as I am an android user, but the other parts of the story were awesome. I love to read so I hope you will post often.

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