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Month: September 2018

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde and Social Media

I have never understood social media. As the only male in a family of volatile women social media was the gasoline to their pile of smoldering unresolved issues. Growing up with more of a bury it rather than deal with it approach, social media provided the passive aggressive vehicle needed to exchange character flaws and “constructive criticism” with each other (and the world). From my perspective…

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The Heater Bs and Love Hate Relationships

Being new to blogging I was wondering about the word blog. And trying to think of what the letter B in blog stands for…biographer? bemoan? bitch? Anyway, not sure where I was going with that but there are a few frustrations I as a developer need to share about the app store. The app store transports me back to the middle of the high school cafeteria…

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